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We offer discount pricing on top quality Omron blood pressure monitors, Lifesource blood pressure monitors, Omron pedometers, Omron nebulizers, the Omron body fat analyzer, Tanita body fat monitors and scales, Lifesource Health Precision Scale and Omron ear thermometers. Omron Healthcare is perhaps best known in the industry for its blood pressure monitors. The Omron blood pressure monitors are among the most popular blood pressure monitors in the country. Several styles of digital blood pressure monitors are available; automatic blood pressure monitors for the arm, manual inflate digital blood pressure monitors also for the arm, and automatic blood pressure monitors for the wrist. Many of the Omron blood pressure monitors include the IntelliSense´┐Ż technology which allows for ideal inflation level. Most of the Lifesource blood pressure monitors have similar technology. Other well known Omron products include the pedometers, models HJ-112 and HJ-105; both are widely used in the popular 10,000 Steps Program. The Omron MicroAir NE-U22V portable nebulizer is the smallest, yet one of the most efficient nebulizers available worldwide. The Omron HBF-306BL is a popular hand-held body fat analyzer widely used in fitness clubs around the country. Also, hugely popular are the Tanita body fat monitor scale combinations. Tanita is a world leader in body fat and weight measurement. Finally, one of the most accurate scales we sell is the A&D Lifesource Profit Health Precision Scale, UC-321.